"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

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Doge, PhD




It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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"Not by constraint or severity shall you have access to true wisdom, but by abandonment and childlike mirthfulness."

— Henry David Thoreau (Transcendentalist, Unitarian, surveyor, pencil-maker, naturalist, philosopher)

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Starting writing that analysis


How I plan it:


What normally happens:



- Professionals

- Frat buds

- Children

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"Don’t, Sir, accustom yourself to use big words for little matters."

Samuel Johnson 1709–84, English poet, critic, and lexicographer. (via oupacademic)


The Window Socket harnesses solar energy by attaching to any window.

Oh my god it’s so simple. So very simple. 

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We sent Yo-Yo Ma and many of his close friends from all over the world to a theatrical props warehouse in Brooklyn to jam and it is ridiculous

This is fantastic! = )

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“Well I’ve tried to live like the way that you wanted me to.

Never needed the proof, just followed the rules.
Well, I pick up all the pieces and I move my feet as fast as I can.
I’m always falling behind, just float in the lines.
You want more and ambition’s taken its toll on you.
Well hey your confidence is fading with your youth.

And you say that dreamers always get what they desire.
Well I’ve found, the more I want the less I’ve got.
Is this the life you’ve been waiting for?
Or are you hoping that you’ll be where you want with a little more?”

Rest of the lyrics here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/ask-yourself-lyrics-foster-the-people.html

"We almost called it “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon”! But then I realized that a lot of the record is about shallowness. For me this album is about looking at our culture and about what we prioritize as a culture and some of the things that I think fuel us right now and how we define beauty as a culture. I think we’re the most self-centered culture, maybe in history. With Twitter and Instagram and Facebook everybody has a platform for them to say “look at me!” We’re living in a model culture.”

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An intersection of so many things I love. Wow. policymic:

American Indian Rapper SupaMan was just named as an MTV Artist of the Week

The news: Christian Parrish Takes the Gun. Remember his name.

The Apsáalooke American Indian hails from the Crow Nation Reservation near Billings, Mont., and on March 21, the MTV Iggy blog named him Artist of the Week from among hundreds of competitors.

What makes him special? Well, he raps under the name “SupaMan,” he sings, he makes crazy drum loops, he’s a champion powwow fancy dancer and sometimes, if you’re lucky, he does all four at the same time.

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